With hundreds of millions of people who follow the broadcasts of football matches from different leagues each week in the world, there is no better way to get a green message.

« Professional sport is often focuses on issues that revolve around health and education, but there is actually a growing awareness of environmental issues », says Heikel Mahou.

« Football fans are a captive audience and they love their club. If it says that it uses solar panels, there is no red meat in menus, etc. This gives credibility to these ideas », says Kamel Hamata.

Our communicating services

  • Sponsoring
  • Media Rights
  • Merchandising
  • Events
  • Facilitating partnerships
  • press relations
  • external representations
  • Marketing products and services
  • Promotion


Notre vision de la communication responsable

  • Reduce the negative impacts of advertising (avoid environmental and mental pollution, develop a positive message)
  • Communicating on corporate social responsability and officcial company commitments (commitments to progress, dialogue, openness and transparency)
  • Designing a communication that is itself a responsible action (putting his communication for causes that would not otherwise afford to communicate and promote among consumers a responsible behaviour)

Play the seduction operation and ensure a powerful communication both in audience and in creativity

The advantages of our web & media services

  • In line with the new challenges of communication
  • Vector of strong-picture creations
  • Reconnect positively with the basic criteria of visibility, ensure efficiency and reduction of environmental and mental pollution
  • Efficient and dynamic
  • Contemporary spirit
  • Offer brands’ emergence and visibility
  • Affinity, proximity and efficiency
  • Brands’ ambassador
  • Image, reputation (and incentive to buy)
  • High value of differentiation (protection of the environment, a critical issue today)
  • Our vision of responsible communication

UP definitely imposes itself as the advertising response !