The Pink Lemonade audiovisual agency is specialized in the achievement of institutional and event films.

logo_pink-lemonadeWhat is Pink Lemonade? This is a cool drink made ​​in U.S., but it is especially the identity that Zenou Stéphane, a young filmmaker, has adopted in order to create its own audiovisual agency. With a creative group which is crazy about film, Pink Lemonade combines all the talents: director, cameraman, editor, mixer, writer … needed to realize videos worthy of the name.


Gillali Abdelaziz is our consultant in environment and sustainable development. He is an engineer specialized in the field of climate modeling and air quality. He has worked on various projects focused on the study of climate and air pollution in conjunction with experiments on board operational meteorological satellites.
He served in various laboratories in France and abroad. Including at the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (Research Institute in Environmental Sciences) and at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo. Its activity focuses on advisory in the field of environmental management.