GreenUP StandUP

Our commitments

Our commitment to your satisfaction: Offer our customers a selection of original and high-quality services.
Our commitment to the environment: to promote a clean and sustainable development.
Our social commitment: focus on diversity, provide training, fair pay, equal opportunities and development opportunity for our employees.
Our economic commitment: lead the company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, to contribute positively to the society in which we live.

Our Sustainable Development Charter


UP is committed to:

  • Improving governance of sport and its contribution to sustainable development policies
  • Strengthen the contribution of sport to education, the development of men and women. Contribute to sustainable development training.
  • Contribute to social cohesion and solidarity among peoples and territories, genres and generations.
  • Promote in all their dimensions relationships between sport and health.
  • Fighting against climate change, promote energy conservation.
  • “Greening” the sport, protect and enhance their practice locations.
  • Take into account the environment in all stages of planning, implementation and use of equipment, demonstrations and materials in a sustainable way.
  • Strengthen the contribution of sport to a sustainable economy, international sporting solidarity and peace in the world.